At our age, we find the excess fat in the body. How much time you do work out, you do not get your excess fat reduced. Then it is the ideal time to get our Clinique Chloé therapy. When you advise us, you might get some hesitation, however after some when you feel free, after that it is very easy for us to get in touch with you. All we intend is to see you with a happy face. The advance treatment we have has no negative effects and really efficient. In fact, the most common areas that affect are tummy, love handles, outer thighs, hips, outer thighs, under the chin, and also around the jawline. For all these excess fat, we have the most effective technology to cure in an easy manner. All the areas in the body will have some excess fat in some way or the other. It is easy to maintain with our therapy, it comes to be permanent.

But, prior to consulting to us, it is important to know about its treatment and the methods with us. We are really transparent in offering you the best ideas on decreasing the fat. We provide you various types of techniques for the skin to glow and reduce the fat. We have with injection, without injections and also the last one is using lasers. When you are choosing injection with us, it has neuromodulators that consist of natural protein and injected into the body. As a result, one can be relaxed. The relaxation will lead you to the decrease of the appearance of lines around the eyes. Even to the great extent, it decreases the frown lines and also forehead lines.


We have experienced individual that can also deal with excessive sweating using neuromodulators. Apart from the neuromodulators, we also have technologies like dermal fillers, belkyra, skin boosters, mesotherapy, Sculptra, radiesse, platelet rich plasma. Every single method has its own way to fix and also give results. Do not worry about our technology, as there is no side effect with us. After that, we have without injection technology (chemical peel, microneedling). The chemical peel is a very easy method that can remove dead cells on the skin. Clearly, it can decrease pores, and even out skin tone. Apart from this, we also treat with dark spots, hyperpigmentation, as well as melasma.

The next method we treat to even out skin is microneedling. This method is also about without injection. This technique works using micro-perforations. This can stimulate the production of collagen. The supreme result of this treatment they decrease the skin tone or complexion and decrease the wrinkles, acne scars, and also stretch marks on the body. Last, one we treat is the lasers. We have plenty option for the patient to treat. Starting from the hot sculpting to the renovalase, everything deals with finest results. Even also we treat for hair loss, redness, acne, stretch marks, eyelid lift, melasma. All these come under the categories comes under the fotona. We have laser treatments that include 4D, incontilase, intimalase, fractional laser and so on. To understand more information, it is best to visit and also get our consultation. Then you can get a clear idea and conclude on which part to therapy.

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